Value Added Tax (VAT) is perhaps one area of taxation that is not as talked about. This is partly because it is a rather complex and specialised subject which needs professionals with a real in-depth knowledge of the subject to be able to accurately advise you.

Our dedicated team of VAT experts have the required knowledge and experience on the subject and can offer you sound assistance.

VAT is imposed on all goods and services performed in the Republic of Cyprus, on the acquisition of goods from other EU Member States and on goods imported from Third Countries.

Taxable individuals are individuals who are registered or are legally required to be registered with the VAT Authorities.

Our Services include:

  • Registration with the VAT authorities, INTRASTAT, VIES.
  • Maintaining a VAT record.
  • Completing and submitting the VAT form with the relevant authorities within the legally permitted timeframe, now submitted electronically.
  • Guidance and advice on the application of the various VAT rates that are imposed as amended from time to time.
  • Completion and submission of relevant VAT payment and VAT return forms.
  • Monitoring and offering assistance during any on-site inspections by the VAT authorities.
  • Completion of the relevant INTRASTAT declaration and the VIES form if companies engage in intra-community trade, i.e. acquisition of goods and/or services and supply of goods and/or services to other EU Member States.
  • Other VAT related services.