In an effort to combat tax evasion, the Inland Revenue Department is increasingly requesting taxpayers to submit a Capital Statement. If a taxpayer is found to submit wrongful information on their Capital Statement, then they can be prosecuted by the Authorities which could lead to heft fines being imposed.


Our experienced team can provide you with the experience and up to date knowledge required to complete your Capital Statement in the most confidential and professional manner. Should the need arise, we will also engage into discussions with the Inland Revenue Department regarding your Capital Statement.


The preparation and submission of a Capital Statement with the Inland Revenue Department can be a stressful and demanding procedure. We will ensure to make this process as hassle free for you as possible and we strive to reach an agreement with the Inland Revenue Department in the most efficient and effective manner.


Our Services Include:

Completion and submission of your Capital Statement with your sensitive information dealt with in strict confidence.

Preparation of; personal property capital statements; annual income and expenses statements; statements identifying taxable income for the years under review by the Authorities.

Undertaking various meetings with you to ensure that everything included in your Capital Statement is correct and you are comfortable with the contents of your Capital Statement.

Representing the Client and engaging into discussions with the Inland Revenue Department.

Identifying whether income included in the Capital Statement is indeed taxable and identifying items which require further justification.

Regularly updating your Capital Statement in accordance with the latest laws and regulations for the Tax Law.