Our skilled team has extensive experience in assisting clients obtaining the sought-after Cyprus Citizenship and Permanent Residence Permit.

We constantly ensure that we have up to date knowledge of the current Immigration Laws and Regulations and any amendments to the scheme announced by the Government from time to time to ensure that your application is dealt with in a prompt, efficient and cost-effective way.

As of 2014, a non-Cypriot citizen who meets one of the following criteria either personally or through a company in which they are a shareholder or through investments made by his/her spouse, can apply to obtain Cyprus citizenship through Naturalization by Exception.

Note that while a high ranking senior manager of a company can also apply, the individual must receive remuneration that generates tax revenues of at least €100,000 in the Republic of Cyprus over a period of three years provided that the tax bill will be paid in advance.

Our Services include:

  • Acquisition of Citizenship by Investment.
  • Acquisition of Citizenship by residency in Cyprus.
  • Acquisition of Citizenship as a spouse of a Cyprus citizen.
  • Acquisition of Permanent Residence Permit (accelerated and normal procedure).
  • Residence Permit for European Union citizens.
  • Temporary residence permit.
  • Employment permit.
  • Visitor permit.
  • Student permit.
  • Housemaid permit.

We can handle the entire process to ensure that the procedure is hassle-free for you.

We will:

  • Liaise with the relevant authorities and assist in drafting all required documentation.
  • Can assist you in sourcing the ideal investment opportunity and / or immovable property based on your requirements.
  • Examine the tax implications of your investment.
  • Assist with the entire process such as opening bank accounts, registering a new company and other relevant matters.
  • Submit your application with the relevant authorities and monitor the status of the application to keep you briefed accordingly.